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HOG Rallies 2023

Full details and registration links for all H.O.G. rallies are available on the H.O.G. Rally Map.


2023 H.O.G. Touring Rallies

  • Run the Gulf H.O.G. Touring Rally, February 27-March 2, New Orleans, LA to Gainesville, FL

  • Spring Heat in AZ H.O.G. Touring Rally, March 25-28, Fresno, CA to Apache Junction, AZ

  • Mighty Big Bend H.O.G. Touring Rally, May 1-5, El Paso to Lajitas, TX

  • Natchez Trace & More H.O.G. Touring Rally, May 9-14, Indianapolis, IN to Slidell, LA

  • The Ozark Highlands H.O.G. Touring Rally, June 17-21, Texarkana, AR to Columbia, MO

  • Ring of Fire H.O.G. Touring Rally, August 29-September 2, Tacoma, WA to Chico, CA

  • 9 Passes H.O.G. Touring Rally, September 5-9, Chico to Lancaster, CA

2023 Regional H.O.G. Rallies

  • Bossier City Breakout H.O.G. Rally, April 21-23, Bossier City, LA

  • Mid-America H.O.G. Rally, June 22-24, St. Charles, MO

  • H-D Homecoming/Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary & H.O.G. 40th Anniversary, July 13-16, Milwaukee, WI

  • “N” the Burg H.O.G. Rally, July 26-29, Fredericksburg, VA

  • Battle Cry of Freedom H.O.G. Rally, August 16-19, Gettysburg, PA

  • Bikes, Beaches & Bridges H.O.G. Rally, October 4-7, Clearwater, FL


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