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This Handbook as a resource for IMCHOG chapter. It contains recommended “best practices” for operations and not “rules” for running IMCHOG chapter. If you have any questions not covered by this material, please talk to your sponsoring Dealer or High Desert Harley-Davidson H.O.G.® Manager.

The H.O.G.® Chapter Charter is the document that defines the relationships between the local chapter, the sponsoring Dealer and H.O.G.® The articles in the Charter are binding; you can count on the chapter as “the final word” in any question you might have. It is the responsibility of sponsoring Dealers to ensure that their chapter meets the requirements set by H.O.G.® in the Charter. The director and other officers shall uphold the H.O.G.® Chapter Charter in all chapter business and activities.

The Chapter Bylaws have been developed to aid in resolving situations that might arise in association with maintaining the Chapter's intent to provide for the good of the Chapter and its individual members. The purpose of the Bylaws is to promote a relaxed, pleasant, fun and safe environment for all, consistent with the Annual H.O.G.® Charter. The purpose of the local chapter shall be to promote responsible motorcycling activities for Harley Owners Group members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging participation in other H.O.G events.

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