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Group riding can be fun and is quite impressive to see when done safely. We ride in staggered formation for safety reasons. Before each ride the Road Captains will demonstrate hand signals and brief you on the ride and its destination.

There will be a Road Captain leading the ride. Road Captains will also be staggered throughout the pack with one as sweep following the group. The Intermountain Chapter tries hard to insure that everyone has fun and is safe.

Some things to remember about group rides:

· Listen to the Road Captains.

· Show up with a full gas tank and on time.

· Check your it ready and safe?

· Are you physically and mentally ready to ride?

· Are you prepared for the elements?

· Be alert and safe

· If you are not able to finish the ride, please let a Road Captain know before the ride.

· The ride ends at the destination. You can ride home with others or as you wish.

· Lets ride and have fun.



Lead Road Captain

For Road Captains ...
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