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Chapter Board of Directors

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On behalf of our over 300 chapter members, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Idaho backyard which is filled with a multitude of great riding adventures for the novice and advanced rider alike.

Last year we boasted over 300,500 miles of planned, fun filled, accident free Chapter rides around our great state. The Idaho passes, scenic rest stops and state parks along with numerous historical landmarks provide unlimited rich experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Each year we are fortunate enough to have a large contingent of Road Captains who plan, organize and guide our diverse group of riders. Regardless, if you are riding as a single rider, as a couple or as a family, our planned rides are infused with tremendous enthusiasm, fellowship and goodwill. The laughter at our rest stops and end of ride dining venues validate our commitment to each other under the umbrella of "Harley® Owners Group." Collectively we strive to ensure "ride safety and fun" are two key elements for every planned outing.

Our IMCHOG®  Chapter Board of Directors, comprised of 27 committed riders, work diligently to assure compliance with HOG®'s expectations for safe riding and having fun through the H.O.G.® Chapter Charter/Handbook and Intermountain H.O.G.® Chapter By-Laws. Notice a theme here: "Ride Safety and Fun!" Our newsletter is second to none, consistently providing a stream of helpful information about future rides and activities to include bike safety information worthy of your valuable time.

We invite you to check us out during one of our monthly membership meetings. We meet at 7 P.M. on the last Friday of each month, barring Holidays or special events, at the Eagles Lodge on Overland, East of Cole behind the theaters.

Feel free to explore the Membership page on this site for detailed information. Or you can contact us to see how to get started.

Remember, no matter where you go or find yourself in our beautiful state (and those surrounding us)… You got family, HOG® family close by.

Ride safe.



Director, Intermountain Chapter H.O.G.®

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