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Welcome to IMCHOG® Ladies of Harley® (LOH). We belong to both National H.O.G.® as well as our local IMCHOG® Chapter in Boise, Idaho. Whether you ride your own Harley® or recline on the back of someone else's bike, we invite you to be a part of the IMCHOG® chapter of LOH.


LOH Officer

What is LOH?

LOH is an organization of lady Harley® enthusiasts who are members (lifetime, full, or associate) of National H.O.G.®, as well as members of their local H.O.G.® chapter. LOH was established to encourage women to become more active in both local and national H.O.G.®. You don't have to ride your own bike to be an active member of LOH; the only requirement is that you are at least an associate member of H.O.G.® and a member of our IMCHOG.® chapter. We sponsor activities and rides that may be more appealing to the LOH members but that both ladies and men can participate in, and it costs nothing to join LOH!

How do I join LOH?

You can come to one of our General Meetings where you can get more information from any of our chapter officers. Participation is really all that is required.

What types of activities does LOH offer?

Our events are planned and led by ladies, so obviously they appeal most to the gals in our chapter! But remember, men are welcome to participate if they choose. You can join us for one of our monthly LOH Dinner Rides, when we take a short ride to a local restaurant or watering hole, grab a bite to eat and enjoy some great conversation. Or you can help us at one of our LOH sponsored events where we support a charity or our sponsoring Harley® dealer, host a barbeque or we simply ride the scenic routes of Idaho.

Look for LOH® rides to be listed on the Events Calendar on this site about a month prior to their taking place. And of course you'll hear announcements/updates at our monthly IMCHOG.® General Meetings.

We hope you'll join our friendly group of LOH members, and look forward to seeing you on the road!

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