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HDHD Gift Wrapping Event Information

Basic Information to know if you volunteered for a slot to help:


The wrapping station will be set up behind the reception desk at HDHD.


There will be an assortment of folded boxes, permanent markers, wrapping paper, tape, and scissors on the tables for everyone to use.  


An envelope or money bag will also be provided to put the money from the collection jar in.  


Customers are directed over to the free wrapping tables when they purchase something. When they come to the table, greet them, ask if they want their items wrapped, and   if so, what paper do they want.  


You don't have to ask to see a receipt (most will have it in hand or give it to you when they hand the item to you) but be sure look up at them and 'see' if they have one just to be sure they have checked out.   


Take price tags off or use a permanent marker to mark out the price.  It is essential you 'talk' customers up as they walk by the tables too. Like, 'free wrapping of your gifts', 'donation only', etc.   


Try to keep at least a $5 bill in the donation jar. When people see others have donated they tend to do so. But the trick is to not let the jar get too full. If it does people kind of stop giving...I guess thinking we have enough.


If you are working the morning shift and the money bag isn’t sitting on the tables, go to Motorclothes and ask for Matt Thompson, Kendle (Motorclothes Sales Manager), or Chanse (Motorclothes Sales Lead). One of them will bring it to you.


Take the change that is in the bag and put it in the jar to start the day. If you are working the last shift, count the money from the jar and write the date, amount and initials on the paper inside. Put the paper and money in the bag and give it to Matt, Kendle or Chanse.  


If you have any problems please call me at 208-412-3223.   Again, thank you for volunteering! Shannon

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